Reptiles seen in Thailand
7 to 24 April 2007

Tokay     Photo: P Maher

 Blue Crested Lizard                                      Photo: P Maher

Apart from the Spiny-tailed House Gecko, reptiles were scarce. However, what we did see was impressive. The most engaging was the Tockay, a beautifully mottled gecko about a foot long that lived around several buildings we stayed in. The males call tock-ay loudly through the night, which you might think would wear thin after a while but it was such a great call you had to smile when one started up.

The other favourite was the tree-climbing Blue Crested Lizard with its electric-blue head and upper body seen in the dry dipterocarp forest at Tap Lan NP.

We saw a couple of gliding lizards that remain unidentified, as are two, small, well-patterned, slaty-grey coloured snakes seen in Kaeng Krachen NP.  (One snake now identified as a Mock Viper Psamnodynastes pulverulentus)

The most impressive reptile was a huge Water Monitor eating kitchen scraps behind one of the restaurants in Khao Yai NP that Trisha and I saw pre-tour. More like a small crocodile, it was seven to eight foot long with a girth twice that of our biggest goanna.

Tockay Gekko gecko
Around buildings at the Kaeng Krachan Country Club and in the national park; also Doi Inthanon Resort.

Spiny-tailed House Gecko Hemidactylas frenatus Common around buildings in most areas

Blue Crested Lizard Calotes mystaceus
Two seen in dry dipterocarp forest Tap Lan NP 10 April

Garden Lizard Calotes versicolor
Thaton Marsh

Bengal monitor Varanus bengalensis                                                                                                             
One thought to be this species Khao Yai NP 9 April                                                                                                                   

Water Monitor Varanus salvator
At ponds near Hat Chao Samran 11 April and Khao Yai NP

water monitor
Water Monitor            Photo: P Maher

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