Northern Treeshrew
Tupara belangeri
One seen pretour 29 March summit of Doi Inthonanon (NP). One seen 13 April Kaeng Krachan NP
Slow Loris
Nycticebus coucang
One 21 April spotlighted Doi Angklang Resort

Pig-tailed Macaque
Macaca remestrina

Many seen pre-tour and on the tour 8/9 April Khao-Yai NP

Macaca fascicularis
A few near Khao-Yai, few elsewhere
Dusky Langur (Leaf monkey)
Semnopithecus obscurus

12 April (six)
13 April (few)
14 April (ten)
all Kaeng Krachan NP

White-handed Gibbon
Hylobates lar
12-14 April
Many heard Khao Yai NP
Seen Kaeng Krachan NP
Pileated Gibbon
Hylobates pileatus
One seen pre-tour Khao Yai NP
Heard Khao Yai NP on tour
Siamese Hare
Lepus peguensis
One north of Chiang Mai 23 April
Black Giant Squirrel
Ratufa bicolor
Seen pre-tour 31 March and 1 April near Khao Yai NP headquarters; heard on tour at Doi Inthanon 18 April
Pallas's Squirrel
Callosciurus erythraeus
One seen 16 April in Doi Inthanon NP
Variable Squirrel
Callosciurus finlaysoni
Common Khao Yai NP

Burmese Striped Squirrel
Tamiops mcclellandi
Common Kaeng Krachan, Doi Inthanon, Doi Angklang, Doi Suthep
Indochinese Ground Squirrel
Menetes berdmorei
One seen 9 April Khao Yai NP;
Two seen pre-tour 1 April Khao Yai NP
Red-cheeked Squirrel
Dremomys rufigenis

Two seen 21 April Doi Angklang

An unidentified flying squirrel
Petaurista sp.
One seen 21 April Doi Angklang
Bay Bamboo Rat
Camonmys badius

One seen Doi Inthanon summit pre-tour 24 March (not 100% certain identification)

Siberian Weasel
Mustela sibirica
One seen Doi Inthanon summit pre-tour 29 March
Small Asian Mongoose
Herpestes javanicus
One seen about 40 km north of Chiang Mai 24 April
Asian Elephant
Elephas maximus
About ten seen pre-tour 30 March Khao Yai NP
Red Muntjac
Muntiacus muntjak
About five seen Khao Yai NP 8 & 9 April
Cervus unicolor
About six seen Khao Yai NP 8 & 9 April
Wrinkled-lipped Bat
Tadarida plicata
8 April: Tens of thousands emerging from bat caves at dusk just outside Khao Yai NP, being hunted by a pair of Shikra
The nomenclature follows a recently published field guide on Thailand mammals, the title and publication details being entirely in Thai. The Wrinkled-lipped Bat's latin name came from Mammals of Thailand (photographic guide) Charles M Francis, Asia Books 2001.
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