Unlike other Plains-wanderer Weekends, Trisha, courtesy of NSW Parks, cooked meals for this special NSW Parks Plains-wanderer Weekend. We ate:

Lunch on Saturday at the Edward River picnic area, in Murray Valley National Park, included fresh Tasmanian salmon cooked on the BBQ; green salad; a salad of spiced sweet potato, puy lentils and rocket with honey-roasted walnuts and a salad of; balsamic-roasted pears with lentils, gorgonzola and sage; and freshly made pesto with Philip's homegrown garlic and basil and homemade bread. Dessert was galaktoboureko (Greek semolina custard slice).

Picnic dinner on the plains consisted of what is sometimes described as 'above ground' and 'below ground mutton'! Persian lamb stew and kouneli stifatho (rabbit casserole with baby onions); saffron rice and green salad. Sweets were the traditional Plains-wanderer Weekends' Sienna cake and more galaktoboureko.

Breakfast in the Riverside Caravan and Cabin Park's camp kitchen was traditional Australian/English: Homemade muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt, chippolatas, bacon and eggs and toast made from Trisha's bread

We finished the plains-wanderer weekend with Sunday lunch in the camp kitchen, continuing the somewhat Greek theme with kotopita (chicken pie), patsaria salata (beetroot salad), green salad, fresh homemade bread, hummus and pesto. The finale was Nigella's sensational Italian Christmas pudding cake, a variation on tiamisu, made with pannetone and Tuaca liqueur.